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Trust your power rodding, sewer repairs and flood-control systems to certified licensed plumbers employed by Accurate Plumbing & Heating Co. Get the affordable and honest rates you deserve when you choose to work with our experienced professionals! Call us today at 773-889-4412, and get FREE consultation.
Dear Mr. Sadowski,
It isn't often in today's world that one can say, "It's been a pleasure doing business with you." I am pleased to say that after having a bathroom installed in our basement, and I am able to say, "Accurate Plumbing, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Why am I able to say this?

Because Donald Sadowski is dedicated to providing service to meet the needs of his customers.
Because we were treated in a polite and courteous manner by all.
Because each phone call we made to Accurate Plumbing was answered by a "real" person.
Because workers put in an honest day's work.
Because quality workmanship has created a beautiful bathroom in our house.

- Sincerely yours, Cheryl E. Anderson

Dear Don,
I want to thank you for respecting my time with the Murdock job. I pray that they respected you as well. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks to you again.
Sincerely, Paul Conrad
P.S. Jeri is a peach to work with as well. Thank you Jeri.
I'm greatly grateful to you for taking time out and calling the right people at the city to fix the water problem we had at our home.
I wanted to thank you for the kind generosity and honesty; it's refreshing to find people like you. Again, thanks for being so honest.

- E. Navarro

Dear Don,
Mike came back to the house at 1034 E. 49th St. yesterday with a helper and front loader and cleaned up the bumps, excess dirt, large blocks of concrete, etc. I filled in a large subsidence near the house before they came ( I ran lots of water on it to make it settle ) and the rest of the yard seems quite stable. I anticipate no further problems ( but I'll let you know if we run into any ).
I enclosed a check for $3000.00 in final payment for the sewer work as detailed in your proposal of 15 June 2002. I found Jim and Mike very professional and good to work with, even under difficult circumstances such as the heavy rain just at the end of the project.

- Sincerely yours, John C. Light

Dear Accurate Plumbing,
I just want to say "Thank You" for helping me get my sewer pipe in the basement floor replaced and working.
Mike and his crew were just great. When Mike explained what was wrong and what had to be done for the price, I felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders.
They all did such a good job. You are now my Plumbing Company. I already gave your company's name to one of my friends at Church.
Thank you so much again.

- Sincerely, Lyas Wollenzien
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